As a consultant, we provide this service to extend the knowledge to you. We offer you the information to save you from the nightmare and costs of collapsed retaining walls from novice landscapers.

A landscaper is only as good as the material he uses.  Structural engineering is hard to find as most will not work in residential areas. So, we do the leg work for you. If you are looking to sell your home having the permits and legal documents of the foundation is something to clear your mind when selling your home at top dollar prices.  A consultant you will be provided with a package giving you knowledge in your hands. This package will include, basic contacts, cover soil testing, know the costs of materials before the landscaper bids, and have a design in mind.

We will go over the main needs of your land, possible design aspects, material costs, the block pricing, estimates on good residential services and answer any questions you may have to problem areas of erosion, dry wells, decorative stonework, patios, firepits, French drains, retaining walls and more. This package is valuable time and money as we have gathered all the needs for you. This cost will save you uncountable dollars, as you will be armed with the knowledge of where to go as we provide a list of engineers. We do not refer to any landscape companies, but we will refer you to the type of supplies in your area for the quality materials needed. We have serviced Missouri, Saint Louis County, Saint Charles County, Lincoln County, Marion County, Monroe County, Gasconades, Boone County, Washington County, Crawford Counting, Ralls County, Marie County, Franklin County, Pike County, Jefferson County, Osage County, Callaway County, Montgomery County, Warren County, Audrain County, and Ralls County.


A1-erosion has been around long enough to see building inspectors come and go. The time it takes to gather all information as a novice can span out over several days if not weeks. Our time as a consultant is for you to have everything you need now. We will also walk the land and discuss the yard's needs to make the vision a reality. Your package will include the instructional structural engineering contacts. This way you know when hiring a landscaper what to expect. Don’t fall for cheap landscape, material pricing or landscape bids, cheap is never better. A landscaper is only as good as the material they use, we will run you through the type of materials used and examples of block used for retaining walls. 300 hundred for the first hour, 500 for 3 hours, every hour after that is 200. Normally consulting services only need one hour. Big savings of time and money for the package.

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