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Specializing in: Erosion Water Control, Retaining Walls, Walkways, Stair Cases, Decorative Stone Design, Firepits, Landscaping, Hardscaping, General Lawn Care, Seeding and Fertilization.

Specializing in Erosion Control, Retaining Walls, Landscape Design & Maintenance, and Fencing Installation

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A1 Erosion has served Missouri and Illinois for over 30 years, creating decorative stonework and retaining walls. We are family owned and operated; we pride ourselves on high-quality landscaping at competitive prices. Our crew is very professional and will tend to your yards needs and your landscaping wishes. A1-Erosion focuses on water draining and decorative stonework. We use proper materials for drainage and have extensive knowledge of erosion, drainage, and various water problems.

We use only the best materials to ensure that the work we do looks great and lasts a long time.


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At A1-Erosion we started in 1984 and have held decades of lawn work, landscaping, gardening, retaining walls, French drains, patios, and much more. Over the years, A1- erosion has paved the way for residential hardscaping. After 30+ years we have the essential experience of retaining walls, decorative patios, and fire pits. Collapsed retaining walls under faulty engineering are something we have seen and repaired throughout our years of service. We are backed with the knowledge and requirements by the counties and townships for permits and legal needs for your retaining walls. As a consultant, we can come out and extend that knowledge to you.

Find us for all your landscaping needs. Call us for a free estimate for walkways, stone patios, staircases, french drains, decorative stonework, retaining walls, garden beds, and all your landscaping needs.  Save your yard before winter, once that snow hits and erodes away the yard you could have your yard level and fixed before spring and the snow get here. Call today!

We have serviced Missouri, Saint Louis County, Saint Charles County, Lincoln County, Marion County, Monroe County, Gasconades, Boone County, Washington County, Crawford Counting, Ralls County, Marie County, Franklin County, Pike County, Jefferson County, Osage County, Callaway County, Montgomery County, Warren County, Audrain County, and Ralls County.


Any retaining wall, wall, fence, or other structure that requires a permit is incumbent upon the homeowner/owner to obtain. A1Erosion is not responsible for damages, legal issues, or HOA/city/county/state violations that occur for the customer because the customer did not obtain proper permitting. Please locate the appropriate governing body to determine what rules and regulations are required for proper and legal structure construction.

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